Great Design is one of the main goals of Bano. Together with aesthetics the design must include functional, technical and economical aspects. This has lead to the development of quality and innovative solutions that we are pleased to present. Bano is proud to be awarded and nominated for these prizes.

Design Excellence

Every year The Norwegian Design Council acknowledges the very best of innovative solutions developed by companies and designers through the annual Award for Design Excellence. It is giving to manufacturers and designers who have cooperated on the development of products.

The award is granted in recognition of the successful use of design as a strategic tool in product development and market communication.
One important objective of the award is to inspire Norwegian businesses to use design to create innovative and competitive products.

Nominee for:
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany is the country´s highest distinction in the field of design.

It is known as the “Prize of Prizes”. No other design award sets such strict criteria on entries. Thus, a company can only enter the competition if its product has already been awarded with a national or international design prize.

Another precondition for entry is that companies must have been nominated by the Ministries and Senators of the Federal States or by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.


In case of manufacturing defect, Bano customers have the right to exchange the product for an equalient product or one with similar properties within three years of installation.

C E Marked

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