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Bano is an international company which supplies a complete solution for bathrooms in the health care sector. Bano has established itself in several countries with sales offices in Bergen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London. Administrative offices and factories at Sandane in Norway.



The Bano founders were convinced that bathrooms for senior citizens and others with special needs could be better made without being expensive. 

In 1998 they put together a resource team so that their dream could become a reality. They brought together experienced physical therapists with expertise in mobility, some of Norway’s leading industrial designers, architects, head of senior center, users and care personnel. A prototype was created and installed in several locations, so the bathroom could be tested in everyday use. Experience was gained and valuable feedback received, so that the design could be finely adjusted to perfection. Quality, design and functionality is our signature. Bano was Designed for care.




Bano develops and produces the majority of its products at its own factories in Sandane, Norway. 
Bano’s factory holds a central warehouse that ensures an effective and secure logistics solution. All products that are developed and produced at Bano factories go through a series of tests and quality assurance procedures.