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Purchasing Conditions
Bano Group Purchasing Conditions are applicable on all purchases.

Download: Purchasing Conditions

BANO Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Suppliers and Business partners of Bano are expected and encouraged to adhere to standards which are consistent with its key principles embedded in this document and have thes principles made applicable towards to their own supplier chain and employees with whom they work with in the delivery of goods and services to Bano.
Download: Bano Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

It's mandatory for new supplier to confirm compliance.
Download: Supplier Compliance Confirmation 


To ensure confidentiality between parties BANO prefers to use a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement.
Download: MNDA BANO Group

Bano AS requests all invoices to be sent by email to : (with copy to Bano Contact person).
Invoice requirements: Bano Invoice Requirements.